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How Much Do Courier Services Cost In Canberra?

Courier services are an excellent way to ship urgent documents and packages for cost-effective prices. However, not every courier service in Canberra will charge the same rates.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about what you can expect to pay for courier service and what factors might affect your final cost. If you’re looking for a cost-effective courier that can get your packages from point A to B as quickly as possible, contact Voila Canberra today!

Canberra Courier Services Cost

How much you pay for a courier service will depend on multiple factors. The average cost of a shipment in Australia is between $70 and $240, with costs highest in places like Sydney. On the contrary, shipping a package within Canberra costs a little less than the Sydney average of $275, as it typically only costs up to $150.

Factors That Impact Courier Charges In Canberra

Courier service rates vary according to the size of your package, where it’s going, how much fuel costs, and other factors like the following.

Package Size

When pricing a shipment, most freights consider weight and volume. Typically, the larger the package, the most it will cost to ship, even if the delivery itself is lightweight.

While you have less control over how much a package weighs, you can always be smart about your packaging. A perfectly fitted box will not only protect your cargo from damage but also save you a bit of money on shipping.

Distance Travelled

Naturally, shipping a package from within a region will cost less than sending your delivery across the country. Shipping costs go down when a courier has fulfilment centres near key locations.


While weather won’t directly or significantly impact shipping costs, it can potentially play a role in how much you pay if your package becomes delayed. However, most reliable couriers provide extensions and guarantees due to delays caused by natural calamities.

Time Of Year

In some cases, the time of year can impact how much you pay for a shipment. For instance, shipping demands are usually higher during the Christmas season as most customers are sending out gifts to loved ones.

Rush Orders

The sooner you want your package to arrive at its destination, the more you will have to pay. Most couriers will make a $15 to $20 surcharge if you are scheduling a rush delivery after hours or during weekends. Otherwise, standard domestic delivery will typically start at $9 a package.

Additional Courier Services

Additional services such as insurance, luggage, or pallet shipments can increase your final cost. Depending on what you are shipping, these costs can vary significantly. Shipping luggage can set you back up to $200, while shipping a pet across the country costs as much as $300.

Fuel Costs

Fuel prices often fluctuate and can affect freight rates. Ultimately, the lower the cost of fuel, the cheaper the cost of transportation.

How To Save Money On Your Shipment

If hiring a courier is more expensive than you anticipated, here are a few quick and easy ways to save a few dollars on your shipment!

Ship In Bulk

Remember, most couriers price their shipments according to the volume of the package. The more items you can store in a single freight, the cheaper it’ll be to ship.

Obtain A Flat Rate

Flat rates help eliminate the cost of variables such as freight demand, distance, and inclement weather. You can directly compare and select prices with your courier.

Be Ready To Compromise

If you’re not shipping something in a rush, consider a longer shipping time or waiting until fuel prices drop to shave off a few dollars from your booking.

Hire An Affordable Courier Service In Canberra Today

Using a courier is the best way to get your package from one place to another affordably. If you value cost-effective services that don’t compromise on quality, contact Voila Canberra today to enjoy affordable parcel delivery services!