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When it comes to the success and growth of your e-commerce business, it is imperative to choose a courier service that will offer a friendly, reliable, and professional face to your customers.

As an e-commerce business, you have to build a better online relationship with your customer to increase sales, deliver invaluable marketing, reduce customer attrition, and boost employee morale.

Choosing the right courier service may help you with achieving these goals. However, you should know that the courier service you choose to deliver the orders may perhaps be the only human interaction your customers have with your e-commerce business.

Therefore, It is essential to make an appropriate decision and choose the best people to represent your e-commerce business who can deliver the orders to the end of your customers.

After all, you would want your courier service to be the face of your business – the one you and your customers can rely on. Nowadays, many companies rely on courier services to attain their business goals and keep their customers satisfied.

Whether your consumers order items for home delivery or want to send an item from one place to another point, the criteria for good courier service is similar everywhere:

  • Will my order get to the desired location on time?
  • Can I track my order?
  • Will my order get there in good condition?
  • Will they hand over my order to the right person?

In this blog, we’re going to explore all of the critical criteria a business should consider when choosing a courier service for their transportation and delivery operations.

6 Best Tips To Choose The Right Courier

1. Check Their Availability

With thousands of courier services available online all across the globe, you might think that simply booking your order or calling them will do the job of getting your delivery. However, you should know that courier services are presently high in demand as they serve multiple companies and cater to their complex delivery needs.

Sometimes due to the constant high demands or unavailability of delivery people they might not deliver orders to a particular location temporarily. Therefore, always check whether your courier service is available or not.

2. Check Their Insurance And Security

What happens if your customer’s order reaches some other location or if they arrive damaged? One of the most common issues under courier delivery is order misdelivery or receiving damaged goods on arrival.

As a reputed business, it is essential to protect your company from such liability and the best way to do so is by hiring the appropriate courier service who has insurance coverage. Researching your courier’s insurance coverage will help you make an informed decision and offer you peace of mind.

3. Consider Size and Weight Limitations

Both size and weight of your courier will affect the courier service you choose and its cost. To determine the size and weight of your item, courier services usually use volumetric weight.

Considering volumetric weight measurements helps courier services to determine whether or not they can deliver your product. Therefore, before booking for a pick-up, always check the size and weight limit of your product.

4. Type of Delivery and Location

Before choosing the delivery partner, check your type of delivery and location – Will it be a domestic shipment? or some other state? or somewhere outside the country? If the range within which you need to deliver the courier is small, consider choosing a local courier company.

Local courier services will be more efficient and flexible compared to those working on a local scale.

5. Know Their Specialisation

Always choose a well-equipped courier service who can ship and deliver your customer’s order successfully. Also, check whether they can deliver items of special categories.

For instance, if you manufacture goods that need temperature-controlled transportation, choose a cheap interstate freight in Canberra that specialises in refrigerated transportation.

6. Check The Rates

The delivery cost of your goods will differ from one courier service provider to another. Therefore, check the courier rates of each service and choose the one that best suits your budget.

Make sure you get reasonable courier rates beforehand to avoid spending a fortune for any last-minute or emergency deliveries. We help deliver couriers from Canberra to Sydney at an affordable rate.

If you are looking for any interstate couriers in Canberra, choose Voila Canberra. We offer reliable, price-competitive and on-demand courier delivery services in Canberra. Please call on 0426118128, or request a quote.

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